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It could be, however, that he is speaking with more of an editorial use of “we.” Evans explained the discovery ten months ago at the 2014 Apologetics Canada Conference (Northview Church in Abbotsford, BC and Willingdon Church in Vancouver, BC Canada) on March 7-8.

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These texts are made availalbe online in parallel form arranged by biblical citation.

Forming part of what later became known as the Sinaitic Manuscript (Codex Sinaiticus), the parchments have been dated to the fourth century C. The Sinaitic is just one of thousands of ancient manuscripts of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures that make up a truly vast reservoir for scholars to study.

The Development of Greek Paleography A Benedictine monk, Bernard de Montfaucon (1655-1741), laid the foundation for the systematic study of Greek manuscripts. Tischendorf took up the enormous task of compiling a list of the oldest Greek manuscripts of the Bible in the libraries of Europe.

One is the Marcel Richard list of some 900 catalogs that describe 55,000 Greek manuscripts, Biblical and non-Biblical, belonging to 820 libraries or private owners. The general style, handwriting, punctuation, and other features resemble that of the first letter. Minuscule script could be written more rapidly and compactly, which saved both time and parchment.

This vast amount of information assists translators and also helps paleographers to date manuscripts more accurately. But much to your delight, the second letter has a date on it. Paleographers have their preferred methods of dating manuscripts.

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