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Although I was told of a mere fraction of his “mini romances,” as he called them at the time, and I was given very few specifics, I told him to leave that day and I filed for divorce 3 weeks later.

Not only did I never once consider reconciliation, I would never even knowingly befriend a person like this.

I remember there was one very boyish girl who liked me a lot, and she was so aggressive that it was too much for me.

I experimented with women a lot during that time, but that was when I was in my drug phase, so I don't really count it.

Journaling through His Midlife Crisis: Redefining Your Life As He Reinvents His - a journaling tool for women. Misconceptions On September 2011 Asshat stated that he “wanted to stop all the lying” and informed me that he was having an affair with a married women for the last 1.5 years and had been dating other women casually as well for the last 10 years of our marriage.

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and I don't want mine hurt either.

I was talking to my best friend Tracey Cunningham, the great hair colorist, and there were a couple of pretty girls working in her salon.

I was looking at one of them, and I said, "I want to go on a date with her! I went to a Super Bowl party hosted by Wallis Annenberg, right down the street from where I live in L.

More » Author Pamela Druckerman writes: Back when I was a financial journalist, no one asked me if I had ever traded derivatives or shorted a stock.

But in my new incarnation as a chronicler of global infidelity, my own experience with the subject seems to be my chief credential.

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