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The popular ski resort of Vogel is perched on a mountain overlooking Lake Bohinj.

Bohinjska Bistrica is an attractive town which also features the excellent Bohinj Water Park.

Lake Bled is a world famous destination, named by Yahoo Travel as one of the World's 10 Most Beautiful Lakes and not without good reason – surrounded by mountains and with a fairytale castle perched on a crag overlooking a 17th century church on an island, it is an outstandingly beautiful place.

Representative active or functional organic compounds include those present in personal care...The precipitation deficits accumulated this autumn add to an already tremendous multi-year precipitation shortfall across California.The region has yet to see meaningful relief from our worst drought on record, and quite a few Californians are getting anxious.Clearly, an extremely strong El Niño remains deeply entrenched in the Pacific–and, as I’ll discuss shortly, California weather impacts are starting to emerge. Is that a sign that El Niño is not behaving as expected? The main reason why El Niño hasn’t yet brought a wet winter to California is that…well, winter hasn’t happened yet!For physical reasons relating to the seasonal cycle of the jet Pacific stream (which I described in considerable detail in my last post, with the aid of illustrations by Emily Underwood), El Niño’s primary influence upon California weather does not take hold until the the core rainy season months of December through March.

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