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If you liked that I am sorry but don't ever plan on seeing me mentally abused ever again or for that matter abused in any way like that. I do porn because I love sex and I love to have fun but Meatholes was not fun. He is like that nightmare that every mother and father who's child is in porn is like, 'That’s who they're working with every day.

There's a fair bit of attention being paid to a Forbes article about some new research concerning how a bunch of websites, including You Porn, are exploiting a simple security hole to see what other sites you've visited: How does it work?

It's based on your browser changing the color of links you've already clicked on.

A script on the site exploits a Web privacy leak to quickly check and see whether your browser reveals that the links to a host of other porn sites have been assigned the color "purple," meaning you've clicked them before.

They also state that all pornography is rape and violence against women, even if it's male-to-male porn. Christians are also against porn due to the typical Christian's illogical fear against anything that might become more popular than God. "The normal fuck," writes Andrea Dworkin, "by a normal man is taken to be an act of invasion and ownership undertaken in a mode of predation." This special insight into the sexual psychology of males is matched and confirmed by the sexual experience of women: "Women have been chattels to men as wives, as prostitutes, as sexual and reproductive servants.

Dial back each letter by one, so qpsoivc/dpn, for example, becomes

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Feminists say "They may feel shame inside, badness, and a sense of pain, which they can’t seem to escape.

They assume that they could never be forgiven or loved again.", however, they just say this to lower men to their level of lovelessness.

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