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The Real Housewives of Orange County star has played coy about whether or not she proposed to Slave for a storyline but she recently admitted to Parade Magazine that the "intimate" moment was captured by Bravo cameras.

Likely in an attempt to entice viewers and convince her boss Andy Cohen that these two can carry a wedding spinoff… You’ll see it this season on the show," Gretchen reveals.

I would never wish what Slade and I have been dealt on any one. I think it's great that Heather wants to start a business with her friends, but I also know from experience that it can be very challenging.

Believe me, I’m willing to go pretty much anywhere Bravo takes me. Just call her an OC housewife and plunk her down in the middle of the drama, Bravo.She was so quick to judge me and say, "Why am I choosing to be on a show when I have someone that is sick in my life?" Yet, once again, when the tables are turned it's OK for her. Even more so, I just don't get how she can never see it herself.Gretchen Rossi is working overtime to get a spinoff – too bad Tamra Barney beat her to the punch.Not to be deterred Gretchen and her Slavéence are pimping all the excitement of her proposal to him and their baby making quest!

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