Is patrick stewart dating anyone

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But both Stewart and Ozell agreed that the best outfit might have belonged to the always dapper Mc Kellen, who wore a gray three-piece suit. " asked Stewart after the fact.) Mc Kellen also initially sported a straw Panama hat, which he playfully tossed off at the beginning of the ceremony.

“Our photographer took a tumble, and literally if he’d been standing on the other side of us, he would have ended up in the lake.” The location happily remained a well-kept, paparazzi-free secret, even if the ceremony itself was not.

“We have Ian to thank for letting the cat out of the bag in the first place,” said Stewart, referring to a TV interview in which Mc Kellen said he would be “marrying Patrick.” “But he also put down the wrong scent.” In the interview, Mc Kellen alluded to doing so “in Massachusetts, or in the middle of America somewhere.” “I like to imagine hordes of paparazzi scouring Massachusetts and having a really miserable afternoon looking for signs of a wedding,” said Stewart, letting out a roar of laughter and glancing sweetly over his shoulder toward his new wife.

"I am going to officiate at his wedding."When pressed about whether he had the right qualifications for the job, he said, "In Massachusetts—we're in the middle of America somewhere—you get anybody along, a friend, and I read out the words, and Sunny and Patrick will then be married.

I declare you man and wife."Stewart and Ozell have been together for 5 years after meeting at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2008.

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