Validating electronic source data in clinical trials

For both of these reasons, clinical data quality and integrity are critical.

Despite this, few regulations talk about data validation directly.

For a complete list of scientific guidelines currently open for consultation, see Public consultations.

Title: The Psychotherapy Research Project of the Menninger Foundation: An Overview Author: Wallerstein, Robert S. 42 Ss were followed via initial, termination, and follow-up studies over the entire natural course of treatment, with 100% follow-up 2-3 years post-termination.

Psychoanalyses achieved more limited outcomes than predicted; psychotherapies often achieved more than predicted.

For twelve of the seventeen patients interviewed five to ten years after termination of psychoanalysis, the researchers found that the patient-analyst match played a role in the outcome of the analysis.

AHRQ-Funded Projects | Selected CDS Resources | Areas of Current Investigation | AHRQ Podcasts | Background | The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has funded organizations across the country that are integrating clinical decision support into the delivery of health care.

This is the first study that demonstrates in a patient-randomized controlled trial that computerized clinical decision support systems can improve existing antimicrobial management programs.

Disambiguation: Clinical data validation means checking clinical data for correctness and completeness.

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