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Its lush tree-shaded groves graciously bestow their blessings of fine fruits.

The green canopy of its orchards stretch as far as the eye can see.

In Boston, they establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony and strive to create a model Christian commonwealth.

While they come to the Nhuew World seeking freedom to worship as they choose, the Puritans do not tolerate dissent.

Fanfic events are acceptable, but should also be limited to major arcs and events. For a chronological list of tropes rather than specific series, see The Trope History of the Universe.

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There are two places in the desert area near the Dead Sea that could not be more radically different from each other. All that is found there are craggy hills, land strewn with crumbled rock, coarse sand, and intense heat: daytime temperatures rise to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The waters of the nearby great lake are not potable: No fish live in its inhospitable waters. Grain grows in abundance and precious raw materials are easily accessed.

) 13,800,000,000 (13.8 billion) years ago The creation of the universe according to present estimates of "big bang" - "Stephen Hawkings and others...

estimate between 18 and 11 billion with 13.8 being the closest estimation".

In 1624, King James officially charters Virginia as a royal colony.

Its inhabitants are required by law to be members of the Anglican Church and to pay taxes to support the church.

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