Playfire trophy card not updating

In order to provide Playfire gamers the absolute best platform to continue as a community we have migrated Playfire over to Green Man Gaming.

Playfire lives on in a new home, and we hope to see you there.

After the May 18 update, Fire Spirit's area damage has been increased by 25%. Attacking the Barbarians from the sideways, almost completely kill them.

We don't see this card in many decks, but it's a promising card if used correctly. Attacking the Barbarians head-on, not completely kill them.

The newspapers have multiple tabs/pages, and to be safe I fully scrolled each page and clicked on each different tab. The secret logs look identical to newspapers until you pick them up.

You'll notice that each one is numbered (1/5 , 2/5 , 3/5 ,etc). The only collectable that was "hard" to find for me was one that was lying next to the toilet in your bathroom.

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