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In case you haven’t heard, I upgraded the graphics on the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Date Ariane. Bottom pair: From the make out on the couch scene we get more intimate lighting, and the interior is reflected in the window So it was brought to my attention that there is an iphone app called Dating Kylie Lopez which looks VERY familiar.

Notable differences are softer more realistic shadows, and more realistic shoulders.

Ex-WWE superstar Cameron -- real name Ariane Andrew -- says she has a rule when it comes to dating ... (Note: we have no idea why our photog even posed that question but she went with it.) Andrew also says she 100% supports The Rock if he decides to run for president ...

black people and white people make beautiful babies together.

So I teamed up with an artist named Phreaky and wrote four games of my own: Meeting Keeley, Getting to Know Christine, Life with Keeley, and Coffee for Keisha.

I’m extremely pleased at how well received they have been.

To encourage people to write more games like hers, I created a tool called “Adventure Creator” and gave it to the community.

Although people used the tool to make some good games, I wanted to see the space move in some different directions.

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A lot of her scheming has been undertaken by Prince Oberyn’s devastated paramour Ellaria Sand, but we can’t help feeling slightly cheated of some pretty tasty court intrigue.This came to my attention because a popular You Tube video series called “Reviewing Bad Apps” featured it in volume 4 at approximately the mark.A reader of my blog and a good facebook friend both posted me messages today about it.Arianne Martell Artwork on the left © Prokrik, see full image here Game of Thrones came in for some pretty harsh criticism when it became apparent that Arianne Martell wouldn’t be appearing in the show, with many detractors arguing showrunners had cut one of the few feminist storylines in the series.As a central Point of Voice character, a lot of the Dornish subplot revolved around Arianne, the daughter of Prince Doran Martell.

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