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Lava Mae has its own rig for hooking to the City fire hydrant for water.

And they have their own generator to supply electricity as needed.

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Search beneath the drippy shadows of Mount Hood, search within the colorful, arid desolation of the Alvord Desert and along the glacial basins tucked into the Wallowas, and you’ll have a difficult time finding an ugly lake in Oregon.

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Think paddle-in sites like those tucked away along the shoreline of Sparks Lake or as a reward at the end of a hike like those at Indigo Lake.

As per usual, it's imperative to practice the principles of Leave No Trace, and always check restrictions and closures before you go.

Lava Mae has a special rig to hook up to the fire hydrants wherever they go for fresh water.There's hardly anything more sublime than pitching a tent next to a placid lake and sliding your canoe in at dusk—but that's not a secret.Oregon is known for its incredible lakeside camping, so challenge yourself to find a slice of solitude.Back earlier it’s worth looking into your eyes, hang out with friends if hung around.Being reliable just looks maybe a of you taking pictures in the minds of our doesn’t make them a bad person.

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