Oil carbon dating tribal wars self updating map maker

Some are found in these pipes, such as kimberlites, while other diamonds were liberated by water erosion and deposited elsewhere (called alluvial diamonds).According to evolutionists, the diamonds formed about 1–3 billion years ago.

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Diamond requires very high pressure to form—pressure found naturally on earth only deep below the surface.

The ceramic silicon carbide or tungsten carbide take up permanent residence with the carbon remaining in the cellulose.

Because the new ceramic duplicates the crystalline form of the wood the new material maintains microstructure and macrostructure.

This new type of ceramic could be made from natural biological material, which is cheap and renewable and easy to form.

As explained in their article the process involved soaking wood in acid infused with either titanium or silicon and baked in an argon filled furnace. The original cellulose structure of the wood acts as a template.

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