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Instead of logging off Twitter completely, limit the time spent on the service by monitoring how many hours you waste on the social network.

Software like Rescue Time will show you how long you're on Twitter and will even let you block it for a set amount of time.

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As to Bluedating, it became wildly popular in Japan, it's country of origin.

The reasons are many—anti-Semitism, racism, rape threats, politics, Game of Thrones fans—all of which likely contributed to the fact that Twitter didn't grow its user base at all in the last quarter.

These are divisive times, and that is only magnified on Twitter, where opinions and judgments are reduced to 140-character musings.

I will not be renewing my membership because the second person I met up with through BM has proved to be my perfect match. Thank you for working way above the level of my expectations!

I was lured in by the cracking profile of someone who has subsequently remarketed himself to me as a mediocre dullard. I didn't need it, however, as I had already received a Valentine from the wonderful man whom I met through Blues Match and with whom I am still head over heels in love.

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