Dating a harry potter fangirl

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That means we’ve been waiting for our Hogwarts Acceptance Letter for Two. Instead, explore first-hand the world that inspired one of the greatest authors of our time to pen such a timeless piece.

Growing up as Severus’s daughter and after losing your mother, you were always close.

You always relied on your father for when you needed some advice.

After an introduction by the Slytherin-devoted chief conductor and artistic director, David Robertson, the performance began, and within minutes I knew that devoting a precious Sunday afternoon to this was the right move.

Cheers, laughs and even some booing ensued as the plot thickened; it was like being at the cinemas but waaay better, because this time it was all happening at one of Australia’s most revered venues: the Sydney Opera House.

"Yet my friends were more than happy to dress up in a football kit and scream at the TV for Manchester United, even though they've never even been to Manchester. It’s officially time to stop hovering by the letterbox.Here are the greatest ways to remember the beloved franchise that will always have a special place in our hearts.His mouth dropped open when he saw you, and in an instant, he whipped his cloak around and walked right back out. You crawled into bed with Harry and cuddled as you both opened presents.You didn’t even have time to explain to Harry what was going on. After opening gifts, you went downstairs for dinner.

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