Apple airport extreme not updating

Apple’s patch notes in full: Firmware update 7.7.8 is recommended for all Air Port Extreme and Air Port Time Capsule base stations with 802.11ac.

This update addresses an issue that may prevent Air Port base stations from appearing in Air Port Utility when Back to My Mac is enabled.

Ensure that all the boxes are checked, and that the check is set to Daily for maximum protection or Weekly otherwise.Former Air Port engineers are now reportedly working on other teams, including Apple TV development."The original Air Port wasn't really ours, we bought that," we were told.To check to make sure the Airport Utility isn't lying to you, and that you do have the latest firmware, compare the version displayed when you click on the Airport Express in Airport Utility with the latest firmware version listed at .Note that the top version (7.7.x) is only for the most recent Airport Extreme (and Time Capsule) base stations, and does not apply to any Airport Express devices currently.

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