Dating your father

Did he care about how you feel or did he ask you what you think?If he walked in the door, would he ask you how you felt or what you did today?Finding someone you want to date often has to do with making sure that these experiences align in some way, and that they have made you people with reasonably similar world views. The best-case scenario is probably this: You both get used to it and you have a somewhat okay relationship that bounces back and forth between mediocre and mildly contented. We’re not saying the micro-managing and condescension will happen, but it’s likely…

Most girls insist that they will never date someone younger.

(When Nigella was small, her father asked if she’d like to go to boarding school. His response: “You start next term.”) Meanwhile, Saatchi’s emotional shortcomings, described by his wife in court as “intimate terrorism”, led to their acrimonious and painful divorce.

Hardly surprising, then, that most women, myself included, shudder at the very idea of confusing the roles of father and lover.

How your dad treated you affects the men you choose to date later on.

If you want to understand your dating life, you need to ask yourself this one question: What was your dad like?

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