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Whooooboooy, you are in for a long journey full of fun, excitement, and pure unadulturated frustration. First, you might want to read through the posts already on here, since I'm sure they already went over most of this, but I'll go over the basics anyway. They come out with new versions frequently, so you might have to occasionally replace it.

Make sure you get the stable versions. that, you'll need the Oblivion Mod Manager.

Technical details of what is included: Esp change log: LPK base rev96 - Initial Release LPK base rev96v2 - Added support for creature animation changes. New behavior: Build list of all beds within specified distance. This is intended to be used with Enhanced First Person Camera.

LPK base rev96v3 - Added support for animated penis\futa\dildo to penis setting v3/v4LPK base rev96v4 Beta 1 -- Get Usable Nearest Bed function call now behaves better. Based off changes made by ger4.- 3 new presets for the original flying camera and two roaming optionsthat change view smoothly or randomly every (default) 6 seconds.

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